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Would you like an EXTRA INCOME 20 Weeks from Today ?
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Welcome to FutureNet!

Did you know…

Business will spend 600 Billion Dollars on Advertising this year.

How much did you get ?

Did you also know…

The fastest growing sector in advertisting last year @ a whopping 240 Billon

Dollars was Online Social Media.

How much did Google, Facebook or YouTube pay you last year ?

Everytime you go online today

You are watching advertising.

Who pays you ?

FutureNet pays you!

What is FutureNet?

Founded in Poland by Stephan Morgenstern and

Zieman Roman in 2013

FutureNet started by establishing a

Social Media Platform similar to Facebook BUT with

Profit Sharing

When you posted and people shared your post or followed your blog, you got paid.

In 2015 FutureNet launched FutureAdPro

FutureAdPro is NOW FutureNet’s number one

Profit Sharing Platform

It’s a Revenue Generating, Profit Sharing, Advertising Platform.
FutureNet is paid by Major Advertising Agencies related to the volume of traffic on their platform, just like Facebook, Google and YouTube
FutureNet shares it’s total Advertising Revenue 80:20.
You and I share the 80% as You and I participate on the FutureNet Platform.
Almost all the top commercial apps/websites today are advertising platforms.
Facebook, Google and YouTube are at the top of the ladder.


After a cup of coffee with a close friend of mine I first heard about FutureAdPro, first though was too good to be true!! Second though High Risk.
I then took some time and looked at this business and was blown away by the company. I have worked in Media all my professional life and totally understand the business model.
I then met again with my friend and discussed what I needed to do to become a member.
Two years down the road and I have made consistent monies every day every month.
My initial investment has been re-cooped and my team is growning.
I can only thank that friend for what he brought into my life and shared and likewise I too have shared with my friends.
So take that leap of faith and join us all in this fantastic company.



In short…

FutureNet pays you to watch adverts as you participate on the FutureNet Platform


Do You Want that extra INCOME

20 Weeks from today

Of Course You Do!


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How do I get started ?

– Online Registration

– Online Verification

– Activate Your Account

– Transfer Investment Amount

– Buy Adpacks as per your program

Then just…

Watch your adds twice daily

Replace your expiring Adpacks every Monday

Upgrade and maintain Status Position V

Build your business

And enjoy your Profit!!

Don’t wait, join our community today and

discover the world of FutureNet!