MyFutureNet.ie was created with the goal of helping individuals generate a regular income using the FutureNet Platform.


George Cullen, originally from Letterkenny, County Donegal, Ireland started MyFutureNet.ie in 2017.
More than 40 years ago working at his fathers painting and decorating business during school holidays, George adopted his fathers motto “good preparation yields a great result”.
This was great training for his future life as he established his own successful companies in the window blinds and financial service industries.

After being introduced to FutureNet in September 2017 George invested the time and effort to master the system and maximise returns.
Having personally invested €20,000, George proved that his methods worked by returning more than this investment in withdrawn commissions in under a year.

Today, George with his partners in myfuturenet.ie are making opportunity accessible to anyone with the passion to succeed.

FutureNet is, in George’s opinion the opportunity of a lifetime.
FutureNet is Unlimited Life

George Cullen


After a cup of coffee with a close friend of mine I first heard about FutureAdPro, first though was too good to be true!! Second though High Risk.
I then took some time and looked at this business and was blown away by the company. I have worked in Media all my professional life and totally understand the business model.
I then met again with my friend and discussed what I needed to do to become a member.
Two years down the road and I have made consistent monies every day every month.
My initial investment has been re-cooped and my team is growning.
I can only thank that friend for what he brought into my life and shared and likewise I too have shared with my friends.
So take that leap of faith and join us all in this fantastic company.

Helen Martin


Hi everyone I came to this business 2 and half years ago I did not know exactly what it was then but I knew it was something to do with advertising and I came from that background little did I know what and how this fantastic company was and is today I went to Poland 3 times at 3 seperate Conferences and the first one I met the owners in a lift And they asked me to join them for a drink and I did I made sure through that conversation that I asked them lots of questions reguarding of how the co works will it last what way are there plans for the future and will it work in Ireland Since then I have not looked back we have a good team going I know people with 29,000 and 50,000 people on it But we are a team of 150 and growing each day because people see this a hugh copmany they want to be part of They can see the potential of what the owners vision is And what it can do for them and there teams I have never looked back as I am Going forward with this co future net And to make sure that all our team Makes money and has enjoys themselves along the way .

C.J Le Blanc